United States Presidents Flashcards


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Throughout its almost 250 year history, the United States has had a lot of presidents! It can be tough to remember them all for a test or project at school, luckily Pint Size Scholars has the perfect study tool for you! Introducing United States Presidents Flashcards, a 50 Card set that includes a multitude of ways for you to learn about our nation’s leaders. Each jumbo sized card contains our illustrated portrait of each president, their served terms, VPs, birth and death dates, political party, birthplace, and two fast facts! You’ll find every president represented, one through 45. You’ll also get 5 additional game cards that put a fun, challenging twist on your study routines. Play Four in a Row and try to get four Democratic or Republicans in a row. Or play “Heads Up!” by taping a card to each player’s head as the other player asks questions and tries to guess which president they have attached to their forehead!

For Age 8 +