The Queen’s Pirate CD


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Storyteller Jim Weiss remarks that the Elizabethan Age was one of great adventure, courageous exploration, and distinctive personalities. Each biography bears witness to these statements, and as a duo, they provide the listener with a glimpse into the splendor and profound change of the era. Shakespeare’s words frame the portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, who reminisces about moments in her life. Weiss’s voice carries her off into reverie as she reflects on rules, rulers, and acquaintances during her esteemed reign. Captain William Deacon, who traveled with Francis Drake, tells of those years to a potential cabin boy. Drake is portrayed as a personage violent in temperament, unstoppable in battle, and unsurpassed as an explorer but also as a fierce protector of both his sailors and his nation. With both biographies Weiss enlightens and entertains.

Lenght:  1 hour

For Age 6 +