Snap Ships K-Dive Ambush Drone


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Now YOU can Build to Battle! Snap Ships is a versatile building system for creating multiple crafts with action play, and all sets and pieces are interchangeable, so you can build wherever your imagination takes you. The K-Dive Ambush Drone is a Komplex drone used as support during space or ground battles and features a real rapid-fire launcher. When you collect all three Komplex Drones (K-Dive Ambush Drone, K-Crawler Suppression Mech, and K-Swarm Strike Drone–each sold separately), you can combine them to build the K-Form Fusion Build! Download the free Snap Ships app for more action play and more ship build ideas.

The Komplex K-Dive Ambush Drone Snap Ship includes:
16x Building Pieces
2x Accessories
8x Projectiles

For Age 8 +