Rope Climber


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There’s more than one way to climb a rope—especially this one! A great introduction to a challenging, fun, and traditional fitness sport, our Rope Climber includes a circular rubber bottom disc kids can stand or sit on to swing, hand and toeholds to help them climb, and lots of rope to grab and climb without aids. Hang from a swing set or a tree branch and look forward to lots of fun with this simple but wonderfully multifunctional climber.

  • Rope climbing is a fun, traditional fitness sport
  • Includes a circular rubber bottom disc to stand on or sit and swing
  • Can use the hand and toeholds—or not
  • Hang from a swing set or tree branch
  • Wonderfully multifunctional climber

Ages 4 and up.

Size: Approx. 78″L

Weight Limit:
250 lbs.

Adult installation required.