Robotics Smart Machines Super Sphere


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Build an awesome, nine-inch-diameter, rolling robotic sphere and six other robot models. Drive your robots using the remote-control interface in the included app, which you can install on your tablet or smartphone. Or write programs for your robots using an easy, visual programming language in the app. The onboard sound sensor lets you program your robots to perform specific sequences of commands in response to the number of claps (or other very loud sounds) that it detects.

A full-color, 60-page, step-by-step illustrated manual helps you assemble all of the models and includes information about robotics in the real world, as well as the inspirations for the fantastic robot models in the kit. In addition to the robotics experiments, you can conduct hands-on experiments in three-dimensional geometry using the triangular and pentagonal shell pieces.

Ages: 8-14
Models: 8
Piece Count: 182
Manual Pages: 60

Batteries Required: AA (3)