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With over 80 fun and inventive exercises to complete, this engaging activity book helps children to develop a deep, secure and adaptable understanding of fractions, building up to decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion. Gradually they will increase their speed, confidence, and proficiency in numeracy.

Activities include:
• Write in the fractions and decimals on Croc’s number line of tenths.
• Help Cinderella identify the odd-pumpkin out by solving fraction sums
• Choose the path of the cycling course by following the increasing decimals

The warm, gently humorous illustrations will make children feel welcome and supported, and create a context where math is fun. The friendly animal characters even offer readers a few hints along the way!

This book is suitable for readers of a wide range of abilities, whether nervous of math or looking to stretch themselves. A wonderful way to promote STEM learning and allow children to practice the important skills learned at school, designed specially for readers aged 7+.